Many family businesses are faced with the important task of ensuring that adequate succession arrangements are put in place to safeguard the company’s future development. Part of this process involves clarifying …

… whether there is a family member who wishes to manage the business in future,
… whether there are members of staff who would be in a position to manage the company or
… whether a sale to a third party would be the appropriate solution.

Sancovia analyses the various options and accompanies its customers through the process of drafting and implementing the succession arrangements, including all necessary steps and potentially specialist topics.

You can also depend on us when it comes to specialist topics. Our approach involves working together with experienced Leadership Coaches to identify the skills and abilities of potential successors; we also bring experienced tax experts on board from our network, in order to determine potential fiscal effects. As a result, Sancovia is in the position to offer all-in-one solutions that promote the continuing viability of the company as a going concern.
Sancovia is also well-equipped to find the ideal partner when it comes to the sale of the company thanks to an excellent network of business owners, private- and institutional investors, thus ensuring that the company remains under the guidance of solid management, while continuing its development in the interests of the family.