Investment Scouting


In order to support specific investment strategies for investors in a time-focused and efficient way, Sancovia offers an exclusive and industry-focused consultation aimed at enabling the targeted search for (and initial contact with) potential investments. The exclusivity situation resulting from such a direct approach represents a key value driver for all participants.


Investors are frequently confronted with transactions that do not fit with their investment focus. Establishing direct contacts in the target industries can often prove to be a challenge, because the process of overseeing investors and portfolio companies, as well as the management of acquisitions, represent a considerable drain on resources. Participation in auctions is frequently the only option available when it comes to new acquisitions.


Sancovia undertakes a methodical search in the defined target investment industries, to identify special companies and their owners who would be a great fit with the customer’s investment strategy. The investor’s key arguments and rationale form part of our activities from the very beginning. We generate market analyses, establish direct initial contact, present the available acquisition options shortly thereafter, organise management meetings and distil the first round of relevant information pertaining to the calculation of the purchase price. Of course, we also support our customers within buy & build strategies for existing portfolio companies. Our work is characterised by a high degree of efficiency, a real focus on delivering time and cost savings, and the creation of exclusivity situations.