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Sancovia supports its customers in the procurement of equity and debt capital financing. The underlying reasons for such capital requirements can include investment projects, acquisition or growth financing and refinancing.

In view of our robust network of banks as well as private and institutional investors, and in combination with our experience and knowledge of financing processes for a diverse range of needs-based financing forms, we support our customers in all operational and corporate financing matters.

In addition to classical equity and debt capital, other examples of the financing forms supported by us include equity or debt capital-similar resources such as shareholder loans in conjunction with minority shareholdings or silent participations.
There are often viable alternatives to classic debt financing through banks, which above all in challenging company situations can only be obtained by offering extensive personal collateral, or which in certain company situations is not available at all. Even existing financing conditions can be optimised by way of a monitored and competitive financing process. This is where Sancovia can deliver important added value. Speed, reliability and discretion are elementary components of our services.

One of the most important prerequisites for receiving financing is, in addition to identifying potential capital providers, to be able to offer a company presentation tailored specifically to the bank or the investor, including a 3-5 year investment and business plan. We can produce the necessary documentation including the presentation and financing model, even in the form of a Financial Book if deemed to be advantageous. In order to achieve the optimal drafting of the desired financing form for our customers, we support you throughout the entire financing process, up until the point at which financing is received.