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Efficiently structured due diligence creates transparency with regard to the company-specific opportunities and risks, and should help establish a reliable foundation for any investment decision, as well as provide both arguments and assistance during the purchase contract drafting phase.
We are experts in the field of financial and commercial due diligence, channelling our focus towards the customer’s significant decision-making factors, the targeted assessment of formulated hypotheses, the representation of major drivers for the business model and the market, and the clear presentation of significant points for our customers and the banks behind the financing.


Financial due diligence is a key component of every company transaction. Sancovia can proudly reflect on its extensive experience in this discipline (big 4 expertise), allowing it to implement FDD in an extremely efficient, professional and expedient manner. Core analyses including normalised earnings, cash flows, net debt, average working capital and the plausibility checking of business plans are, for us, a matter of course. Sancovia also offers its assistance in integrating any new findings into a model and the SPA, and provides support in the search for solutions as part of the envisaged transaction.


A core component of every company transaction is the analysis of the company’s market development and position, as well as conducting a plausibility check with regard to the top line, gross profit, competitive situation and individual products. When focusing its attention on specialist market segments and niches, Sancovia utilises external market expertise, in order that it can integrate a clear understanding of future developments and current trends into the analysis at any given time. As a result of many years of experience, we deliver the very best in terms of quality, and can offer valuable information to support your investment decision-making process above and beyond the scope of CDD.